Chrome OS

So when are we getting Scrivener for Alphasmart OS?

Just kidding :slight_smile: I’d love to see Scrivener for Chrome OS though. I realize that there are ways of getting Scrivener to run on a Chromebook, but an actual native app sure would be nice considering all of the affordable Chromebooks out there. Full-blown Mac and Windows laptops are expensive overkill for word processing, while a Chromebook is far cheaper and plenty good enough for word-pounding.

I’ve searched the threads and I can see that this has been suggested a few times over the years, but I haven’t found any firm details about any such version. I realize that there are other priorities at the moment, but is it possible that we’ll see this in the future?

There are no plans for a Chrome version of Scrivener at this time.

Could that change? Sure. Neither Windows nor iOS versions were originally planned either.

But I’d say any possible Chrome version is far enough in the future that you should plan your hardware and software purchases based on the assumption that it won’t exist for the lifetime of the device.


Thanks for the confirmation, I kind of figured that. For the time being I’ve got a ThinkPad with Scrivener and a Neo2, I was thinking of switching to a Chromebook but I may just pull the trigger on a Freewrite Traveller instead. I like to do my editing on my desktop anyway.

Just another voice for Scrivener for Chromebook. I picked one up yesterday and would love to adopt using my desktop files here as well. I’ll read up on the workarounds in the meantime.


Same here. I have four Chromebooks, a Macbook Pro, and a Thinkpad. But I use my chromebooks more than anything. I have Scrivener MAC and Scrivener Windows…and I really, really want Scriverner for Chromebook… for now, I have DabbleWriter to use on Chromebook.

I am loving using Scrivener on my Mac, but have been trying to get my friend to move from writing her novel in Word to Scrivener.

If she is using a Chromebook, am I wasting my time? This is a non-starter for her?

Basically, yes. That’s not to say that there will never be a ChromeOS version in the future, but if you search the forums you’ll find that there are no plans in the foreseeable future. Running the Windows version through WINE, if I remember rightly, not even that works.


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Thank you Mark :slight_smile: Just another reason to badger her about moving to Mac :wink: