Chrome OS

Hi everybody.

Just joined the forum. I tried searching but got 719 results!

I use Scrivener on Mac and always save my work to Google Drive. I would like to be able to work on documents on my Chromebook as well. Is there any chance of a Chrome OS version?

Point 1: Do not keep your active Scrivener projects on Google Drive, it is known to corrupt them. Read the advisories on using cloud services.

Point 2: Have a look at:



I just want to throw my hat in here as someone else that would love to be able to work on my Scrivener projects on my Chromebook. I have a pretty high-end one and love it, and have migrated almost all of my work away from my Windows laptop (former iOS user as well) and love not having to worry about the bloat, backups, etc.

But you should worry about backups! Apart from Google Drive’s known enthusiasm for corrupting Scrivener projects you should never, repeat NEVER entrust your work to one form of storage. You should have a backup strategy that includes local physical storage and one, if not two cloud. How you achieve that with ChromeBook I don’t know.

An Android version will run on ChromeBook, but will be pretty ordinary in presentation regardless how great the app is.

I prefer the speed and versatility of having my work available 24/7 regardless of internet. Example, ours went down last night but I kept working.

Also, understand that because of the limitations of Android/Chrome OS (and the abysmal hardware specs) the version that runs on ChromeBook will likely be a stripped down version, like the iOS version. That is the reality of cheap. Of course only L&L can confirm the eventual Android spec.