Chronic Underlining

I’ve been having a problem getting rid of the underlining. Pages are all set up the same way:


other text, blah blah blah.

So I tried to get rid of the underlined names at the beginning of the documents, so:

  1. I deleted the underlined name at the top of the document
  2. Then I backspaced the other text to the top of the documents to clean them up. I did this for five or six documents in the same folder.
  3. When I went back through the documents, the entire paragraph that I backspaced was underlined on every document. I’ve repeatedly tried to get rid of the underlining, sometimes it stays for a few minutes, then goes back. I’ve even tried clearing the highlighting, and copying the text, then deleting it and pasting the text back. The text comes back underlined!

I’ve managed to recreate the problem on new text documents, following the same format at the top, and the first paragraph repeatedly turns up underlined.

While obviously this is a problem that sounds like it needs to be fixed, something you could try right now to clear it up is to copy the contents of the document, create a new one from scratch, and then Paste and Match Style into the new document. Do note that this will also blow away any other formatting, so you might want to keep the old underlined one open in a split so you can replicate the formatting again after pasting.

Update: See also. This looks like the same bug to me, and if so it’s known.