Chronological Edits

Hi all,

I looked through some posts on the forums and found people talking about having a “timeline” feature for story events and/or sorting documents by “created date,” but that’s not quite what I wanted to be able to do.

Is there a possibility of implementing a feature that does something similar to Scrivenings (putting everything in a linear document) but with the edits that have been made? So basically what you would see are headings with the date, and under them subheadings with which document was edited. Within this, you would see what was added (or subtracted I guess, but that’s more of a Snapshot thing).

I’m not a terribly well-organized writer, and I think this would help me quickly “get back in the game” by going back through the most recent additions to a story. I don’t know the code, but it seems like having a “record changes” feature wouldn’t be terribly difficult and I could see this being incredibly helpful.

Thanks guys for the awesome work!

(Also, I have the Windows version of Scrivener. I didn’t see anything like this on the OS X version, but if it’s there somewhere I’m SUPER EXCITED for its implementation into windows!)

I think we do have something designed already that will work for you. It’s ruthlessly simple as a matter of fact. All you have to do is add the Modified Date (as you point out, Created wouldn’t be useful for this type of thing) to the Outliner. Now, right now that already gives you a pretty decent overview of what has changed recently, but we’ll be making this better once we add the capability to sort by Outliner columns, in the future. Then you’ll be able to sort by modification date (much like you can in Windows Explorer) to quickly see what has changed most recently.