Chronosync errors

I’ve been using Chronosync to sync work created in Scrivener between an iMac and macbook. This has worked well for a long time. But lately I’ve been getting errors. After doing a sync, some files in Scrivener have lost all their text.

I haven’t lost any work yet (touch wood) because I spotted what was happening. But has anyone else experienced this? It seems like some of the RTFD files (if that’s the right name) are somehow getting corrupted or just not syncing properly for some reason.

There doesn’t seem to be any pattern behind it either, at least not that I’ve spotted so far. I had this happen to three files our of 12 on my latest project.

Anyone else had this? Any ideas why it might be happening?

Are you use the sub-bundle option by any chance, rather than the default option that just checks to see if a bundled file format is modified, and swaps out the whole thing? I’ve used Chronosync to transfer hundreds of Scrivener projects over the years, but I’ve always avoided the sub-bundle sync option—it makes me a bit nervous.

I must admit, I’ve never come across the sub-bundle option. I don’t think I’m using it, but I’ve looked through all the chronsync options and settings and can’t find anything that looks like a ‘sub-bundle option.’ Whereabouts is it?