Chuck Berry RIP

Another Master of His Craft, leaves us.
BonVoyage Chuck.

Saw him once on the stage of the Theatre Royal, Newcastle. A great evening - when he did the duck walk, the roof nearly blew off the old building.

(Sometimes I wish I’d kept a proper record of the acts I saw, and in one or two cases met as a journalist, in the late 60s and early 70s. I have some cuttings, but that is all. Then the appearances of genre-defining stars like Chuck Berry were almost commonplace, and they themselves somehow seemed eternal. Now they are almost all gone.)

Damn. Didn’t know he was still around.

Also the Chuck Berry of newspaper columnists RIP. Jimmy Breslin, dead at 88. Inspired generations, newer to be outdone. … .html?_r=0

Great story-teller. Never met him, would’ve liked to.