citation pasting from endnote keeps (undesired) formatting

Hello all, first post! First I’d like to say thanks to the dev for making Scrivener, it is definitely software worth paying for (and I have).

My main use is academic style writing, and although I trialled Bookends for reference management, at the moment I’m back with Endnote. However, there is something annoying me when I paste a citation from Endnote into Scrivener. That is, citations from Endnote seem to preserve their formatting so they appear in a different font and size to my preferred on screen font. As I find this distracting, I usually spend a few seconds reformatting the citation.

Citations pasted from Bookends will match the formatting in Scrivener, which is how I’d like the Endnote citations to behave.

A quick trip to the Clipboard shows that Endnote citations are copied as RTF, and the Bookend citations as just “text”.

I realise I can “paste and match style” as one way of fixing my problem. The original key combo (command option shift V) was a bit unwieldy so I’ve just changed that to command shift V.

I’d mainly like to know if there is a way of fixing this annoyance from Endnote or Scrivener settings.


Based on my own experience, I think your best option is to simply swap the commands for Paste and Paste-and-Match. If you are like me (and I think probably plenty of other Scrivener users), you almost always want Paste and Match anyway. Now, a simple cmd-V gets the job you want done. (I assume you are copying and pasting temporary citations from Endnote, so there are no special formatting worries.)


That’s a good idea, thank you. I’ve now tripled my productivity.