citations, bibliography

Hi. I just started with Scrivener 3. I’ve already used scrivener 2.
I have a problem when I want to quote references.
I normally export the documents to Word and make the appointments there.
How is it possible that scrivener is not compatible with almost any bibliographic quotation program?
Sentence 6 no longer works (it is the best)
Zotero is a mess, … Mendeley … why is not there a plugin to be able to use mendeley in scrivener?

Personally I think Mendeley is a very poor reference manager. I use Bookends which works very well with Scrivener. But others use Papers 3, or even Zotero or the defacto standard Endnote.

In all cases you generate the bibliography in the compiled document (you cannot do this in the Scrivener editor). I use Pandoc which does this automatically for me, so I compile in Scrivener and Pandoc makes the bibliography and citations for me without any manual intervention. For other systems you simply have to scan the output document. Many academics who depend on bibliographic citations use Scrivener without problems…

For what it’s worth: I use Papers 3 that lets you place temporary citations in the Scrivener document. Then, as nontroppo suggests, compile the bibliography in Word.

Big caveat though: Papers 3 is on its way out, does not get support, and does not work with Scrivener 3 out of the box. This forum however has some workarounds to make it work.