Citing and Referencing Resources

I like using Scrivener and have found it very useful for other avenues outside of just writing documents. I use it mostly to teach an online course wack and organize my material logically.

However, I would like to use Scrivener for more technical writing which requires citing and referencing resources appropriately.

I currently use MS Word to accomplish this and would like to place my suggestion on the wish list for a method that I use, with hopes that someday it could be incorporated into Scrivener as a plug-in.

The software that I am referring is Docear -

Part of the process that ties together is a plugin called Docear4Word is an add-on for Microsoft Word that allows you to insert references and bibliographies from BibTeX files to MS-Word documents.

This type of technique would be a great help to technical writers who need to cite and reference resources on the fly.

Docear is no longer being supported but still works well.

This is my 2 cents worth.

Refer to the attached dcoument for Docear4Word
Overview & Details « Docear.pdf (467 KB)

The first thing to realize is that it would generally be the developer of the citation manager software that makes such plug-ins. Who wrote the plug-in that makes Endnote work with Word (and updatesit every time Word changes)? Endnote did. I am sure the story for Docear is the same.

Second, (though I do not speak for Lit&Lat) it seems entirely unlikely that any developer is going to be developing for Docear anymore. As you say, it is no longer being actively supported by its maker/community.

So, it is really too much to ask.


P.S. Didn’t previously know about this software. It is an interesting concept (since I am in love with mindmapping).

That would require Scrivener to have plug-in and scripting capabilities. Not in prospect at this point, but those wishing for particular plug-ins are among the natural constituency for such an enhancement.

That’s fair.

didn’t know Docear and looks interesting. But why do you say it’s no longer supported? It doesn’t look like that from their website and blog

Am I missing something?

The way this is usually done with Scrivener is to paste in the temporary citation codes from your bibliography software, and then after you compile your project, run your bibliography scanner/formatter on the compiled document.