Clarification on beta installation

I currently have my licensed v1 installed under /programfiles(x86) and the beta installed in the 64bit /programfiles folder, but they both have the install folder named /scrivener … your instructions say with the latest beta to install to /scrivener3 ( or something like that ), but given the fact I am able to use both versions at present using the same folder name ( but different parent folders ) was your advice about changing the install folder name ( to /scrivener3 ) only relevant for those whom already have another version running under the same parent folder ( /programfiles as opposed to /progrmfiles(x86), and not relevant for my case since the parent folder for the main licensed version is the /programfiles(x86)? Also, should I first uninstall the other beta install ( /programfiles/scrivener ), or could I just install the new version over the top of it? I wasn’t sure of the specifics for this situation from your description.

Hi galacticpresident,

Based on your description of how/where you installed and the fact that both versions are working for you, I believe you’re done. You don’t need to do any further uninstalls/reinstalls, at least until the next beta version is released. Have fun testing. :slight_smile:


So you’re saying that to install the current beta, I can just install it to /programfiles/scrivener over the top of the last beta I had installed, or that I do need to uninstall the old beta from that location before I install the new beta to that same location … sorry I’m just still unclear as to which it is that you’re saying ( because I have not yet installed the current beta, I still have quite an old one like 2.9.2 installed – I think the current is 2.9.7 isn’t it? )

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No. Don’t install a new beta version over an older beta version. First uninstall the older beta version.

To install a newer beta version, either of the methods below will work. One is not inherently better than the other, although if you choose #2, then you will be testing L&L’s update-in-place process.

  1. Uninstall old beta, install new beta. If you go this route, be sure to save your custom beta settings prior to uninstalling (File > Options > Manage > Save Options to file) and load them back after the new install (File > Options > Manage > Load Options from file). This is how I and many others install new beta versions.


  1. Update the old beta in place with the new beta, by launching the old beta version and selecting “Download Update” when the old beta version prompts you. If the old beta version doesn’t prompt you, then go Help > Check for Updates. You also want to be sure to enable File > Options > Automatically check for updates. You don’t need to save your settings prior to this method. This is how many others install new beta versions.


Thank you for this clear and useful info. I’m wondering, what happens if the beta expires before I get a chance to update. Will I still be able to get into it to do an auto update?

What exactly happens when the beta expires?


Unfortunately they have it set up so that the timer lockout happens before auto-update gets a chance to run, so if you do end up in that scenario you have to do the uninstall/install routine with a fresh download.

They give this instruction to totally avoid installing v3 in the same directory as v1. When one installs over the other, bad things happen (i think they share like-named dll files, and you could end up with a totally malfunctioning install. The name of the directories doesn’t matter – so long as they are different).

I suggest saving your options file (File/Options/) then the manage button on the bottom left. Changes to the default configuration are mostly saved with you update over the previous version, but mostly lost if you uninstall and re-install. Always good to have a backup.