Classic Index Card Behaviour?


Scrivener for Mac. Very nice.

I use index cards to primarily arrange my stories. It is one of the most fantastic feature of Scrivener. One that I spend a lot of time on. :blush:

May I make a request please? Can I have the index cards behave in the classic manner?

What I mean is, I want to double click (or whichever click) and the index card turns over! THEN, I can write notes there. THESE notes, that I write in the BACK of the index card (after flipping them), then goes into my DOCUMENT NOTES.

Alternatively, if I write any DOCUMENT NOTE for an index card, then when I flip it, it can be seen there.

Please can the developer look into this?

It is on my list of features that would make SCRIVENER the awesomest! (right now, its awesomer than all I know). :wink:

And please – pardon the prose. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the wonderful software, regardless. It’s AWESOMEST!



The whole point of the index cards is that they summarise the textual content. Double-click the icon in the index card if you want to drill down into the document itself.