Classic Tales Podcast--The 19th-century Scrivener

In the 19th-century, I just discovered, a scrivener was a law clerk who copied legal documents. Several scriveners figure in the latest Classic Tales podcast from B. J. Harrison: Herman Meville’s short story “Bartleby.” Each week Harrison, a talented professional reader, does another episode from the best of classic tales, typically from 19th-century English and American writers. You can find them among the podcast subscriptions available on iTunes or get them direct from here:

For aspiring authors, it’s a great way to improve your ear for good writing. With an iPod or other player, you can listen on the go, but even a desktop or laptop will let you listen around the house while you do other things. It’s a great way to add an enjoyable and productive half-hour or more to each day.

Thank you! This is perfect. Very well produced. The narration is very good for a free podcast.