Claustrophobic titles in Binder

I’m playing with the Scrivener trial, so I don’t know if this is fixed in the regular version:
When I do a split and the binder shows the new document title field, it’s a very TIGHT space to type in the title. You can hardly see the writing, as it’s squished in a window that’s too small (seems its justified to the bottom of field, so it’s the bottom of the characters that are most difficult to see.

Hi Dawn

I’m on a Mac and have never had a problem with the size of the text in the binder. Any chance of uploading a screengrab to show what it is you’re seeing? (Maybe I am looking in the wrong place!)

Best wishes


The trial version is the regular version, so make your decision based upon what you see.

But going by your description, I don’t think there is a problem here. It just sounds to me as though you would prefer a wider Binder. Just put your mouse along the edge and drag it out to be a bit bigger. Sorry if I’m misunderstood you though.