Clean HTML not working when C+P-ing to WP

Hi all,

So, I’m building a little website using Wordpress. Admittedly I’m an amateur in both WP and Scrivener. When I did a Google search of how to import my latest masterpiece to my WP I got instructions saying (hopefully you can see the image) scriv.PNG I followed the instructions 5-6 times, but no cigar.

Anyway, when in WP it’s an absolute mess. It’s all full of code and it’ll take me a long time to go through it all, and that’s not counting the writings I’ve yet to import. Any ideas as to what’s going on?

Any help would be appreciated. I’m on Scrivener 1.9, Windows 10.

Have a great day everyone.



When pasting into WordPress, are you pasting into the HTML editor tab or the Visual tab?

If you are copying and pasting HTML from Scrivener, you need the HTML editor tab in WordPress.


Briar Kit

Thanks for the heads up Briar,

Just found the text Text tab, it was right next to the visual tab - as I said, I’m a complete novice!
I still get tiny bits of code at the beginning and end of the piece, like bookends. Are they important, should I remove them?

Thanks again.


Hi Leon

These days I use MultiMarkdown rather than HTML when writing for WordPress.

If you can either copy the miscreant code here or take a screen grab of it, I’ll try to help—or I expect another forum member will.

Alternatively—as you still have the source safe in Scrivener—you could try deleting anything that looks out of place and use the WordPress “preview” option to see how the page renders. If it is totally messed up, you can always paste a fresh copy of the text from Scrivener again.


Briar Kit