cleaner dropbox integration

hi all, love scrivener for iOS. what an awesome app.

It would be nice if whenever syncing iOS, that the dropbox screen pops up saying that’s updating all the files, making the user have to wait a moment. I have no qualms with dropbox, I just think this type of notice should kept in the background, or at least there exist an option to allow users the choice of whether they want to receive notifications of any kind from dropbox. just makes for a cleaner experience.


Many thanks for the kind words!

Here’s why the sync works as it does: … automatic-

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@lovescriv, when a sync occurs, do you not get a pop up window showing the sync progress?

pvonk – I do, that’s what bugging me a little. It’s the fact that every time I manually sync, the dropbox screen pops up, again and again, assuming that I’ve somehow forgotten what’s obvious.

Keith – I read the document to linked. Damn. Complicated scenario. I do think having users just sign a waiver when installing the app, acknowledging that everything will be synced, blah blah blah, so that they don’t have to be reminded again and again every time they sync, that everything is, in fact, being synched, would make the app feel a lot smoother to run.

Outside of this, the app is perfect in every way imaginable.

The trouble with that is they still have to wait while the sync is going on. So you’d just be looking at a screen without being able to do anything, because all of those files have to be downloaded and uploaded and moved into place before you can safely continue to use your project.

Thanks again for the kind words! (There’s something I like about your forum name, by the way. Can’t put my finger on it. :slight_smile: )

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Perhaps you could put a bar that ‘fills’ up or the picture of a circle that finishes completing and filling its rotation (kind of the way dropbox files update on the mac desktop port) beside the file name, in lieu of the screen.

it’s an eyesore, and I guess kind of takes away from the fluidity in experiencing the app (which otherwise is unbelievably awesome).

But again, the trouble is that while that happens, you can’t access anything - you can’t open any of the projects.

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I guess my concern is more aesthetic than anything else, ultimately (though that I think doesn’t make it any less important for all you utilitarian folk out there :smiley: ). Status bars and status circles seem aesthetically less distracting than a big full-screen dropbox disclaimer/reminder sign, every time you use the app. It’s about having as smooth and distraction-free an experience as you can.

lovescriv, Are we talking about an iPad? Since I don’t use my iPhone with scrivener, I’m not familiar with how the integration works on that device, but on an iPad Pro 9", I don’t get a full screen window. It’s about a third of the screen overall, and basically it displays a status bar, nothing about a dropbox disclaimer/reminder.

It’s pretty much the same on an iPad, I’m not really sure what is being meant here, since all I get is a progress bar when syncing that goes away when it is done. :slight_smile:

on my iPhone, the dropbox screen comes up every time; not a progress bar. it’s a small thing in the end. but I just thought to shout out, cause i love the app so much.

I find myself confused by this thread. I am attaching the screen that comes up on my iPhone 5c. There is a progress bar beneath the Dropbox logo. It’s a thin progress bar, and a large Dropbox logo. There’s a cancel button at the bottom.

To me, this is a straightforward UI element that shows me that an operation is going on, how the operation is progressing, and that nothing else can be done in the app until the operation is finished or cancelled.

Is it that you would like this screen to be redesigned so that the progress bar is more prominent, and the Dropbox logo less prominent or absent? Or do you want only a thin progress bar at the top of the screen, such as when Safari is loading a large web page?

I don’t know L&L’s opinion of the “thin progress bar at the top of the screen”, but I wouldn’t be in favor of it if it were my design, given the danger of data corruption if the user tried to go ahead and do something else.

OTOH, I don’t feel strongly about a redesign that underplays Dropbox.

Oh, it’s no big deal! Don’t want to make a big scene!

Just trying to keep things minimal (visual or whatever) is all. I just wish the dropbox full-screen block was replaced with something…more…‘subtle’ is the word.

Maybe the filenames could be greyed out… until the status circle has completed rotation…and then when it’s done the letters come back darker and more like clickable.

But I could be wrong, so no worries folks!

Thanks for clarifying for me, lovescriv! Didn’t want to pick a fight, :slight_smile: just having trouble visualizing without a picture. Now that I’m sure what the discussion’s about, I’ll go back to lurking… :smiley: