Cleaning up/starting over?

Okay, so my manuscript is starting to seem cluttered to me. I think I’m closing in and I just want a clean (virtual) copy. I’m tempted to start a new project and just copy over the documents I want from one binder to the other. I suppose I could just close up the current version into a folder called “Mess” and then build the clean version out from there in the existing project, but I am getting a headache from digging through it. With a new project I could keep the binder expanded in both and look back and forth.

Is this nuts?

Hi, Claudia. I guess everyone has be there at least once! (I know I have) :slight_smile:

I’ve tried both starting a new project from scratch as well as creating a “Mess” folder in the old one and putting every thing into it before start rebuilding from the ground up. It does not make much of a difference. You can drag and drop the bits you want to keep from one project to another, as well as you can do it within the same project.

One thing is different, though. You won’t keep any per-project info when dragging from one project to another, like labels and status metadata. Links, if you have any, will also suffer from this. This may be something you may actually want to do some times. :wink:

I did this for a while when starting to know Scrivener, it helped me a lot to accelerate the learning curve.

But unless you don’t want to really start over, digging into the mess is going to be a must, I presume.

But in my case it was very helpful for the story too, since on one of those passes I ended up building from the top the whole Act/Chapter/Scene structure, which gave me a chance to view the whole picture and then add the useful stuff at the right place.

Hope this helps!