clearer highlighting of footnotes in compose mode

I love writing in compose mode, but because I do academic work, I keep the footnotes/comments inspector window open to the side while writing so that I can work with my annotations. I’ve noticed in compose mode that when I click on a footnote link in the text that I have a difficult time figuring out which footnote in the inspector window is highlighted. There is a thicker black border around the selected footnote, but on my screen (11" air), I end up having to click around until I can confirm which inspector footnote is connected to which word in the text.

In a future version, I would love to see either the selected inspector note turn a different color or have an even bolder border so that it’s more quickly distinguishable.

Here’s a screenshot – the second to last footnote is the one highlighted, but it’s hard to tell at first glance. (I’ve changed the colors of footnotes and comments to my preference, so they aren’t the default grey).

Thanks so much!

This is one of those things where we do agree that it is difficult to see, it was a noted problem during the design phase, but there is unfortunately not a lot of control here that we can take advantage of. This is just how the Mac displays stuff in the background, and while it is possible to customise the active highlight colour (the default is blue), there is no setting for the inactive highlight colour. You can seem the same colour being used in other contexts. For example in the Finder if you select some files and then click on another window, the highlight on them will turn grey.