Clearing out all text

I have a document set up with various text files. I would like to turn it into a type of template - clear out all the text (document text, synopsis and notes) and just leave the files with their titles. Is that possible without going one by one?

Not within scrivener, but since this is a template, and you’re trying to get rid of all the text, then try this (with a copy!!!):

Close out Scrivener.
Navigate to the .scriv project folder using the Windows file explorer.
Then navigate into the Files folder, and then into the Docs folder within.

You should see a lot of .rtf and .txt files. Delete them all.

When you next open the project in Scrivener, all text and synopses should be gone. If it’s not, then you deleted the files from the wrong copy of the project. You may also have to load each document into the editor for the binder icons to reflect the lack of text.

Hahahaha. :smiling_imp: I’d have never thought of that trick!

You just saved me tons of work! I started doing it manually when it suddenly occurred to me this forum might offer a better answer :slight_smile: Thank you!