Clearing search results/seeing binder contents


Hey there. I have just conducted a search via the main search on the top “control” bar. The results or lack thereof now appear in the binder “column”. How do I get the binder contents for my project to reappear in the binder “column”? I am at a loss with this.

Thank you for any and all help with this. Take care.

Dave N.
Holliston, MA

Addendum: Just noticed that clicking the Add+ button returned the contents, but would like to know a more direct way.

Click the “x” in the search box to make the search go away.

If you want to keep the search, go to View -> Collections. There, you’ll have the option to Show/Hide the list of all collections, which includes the Binder. You’ll also be able to tell Scrivener to display the Binder.