"Click Drag" that equals CUT and paste?

Another silly question – while in “Split Editor Mode” viewing two panes of the same document I frequently wish to Cut and Paste content, essentially MOVING it from one place to another in the same document. However I haven’t found a key and mouse combination that results in a move or CUT and paste, everything I do is the equivalent of COPY and paste.

Is there a keyboard + mouse drag combination that is a CUT and paste? Thank you in advance.


I don’t know about a keyboard AND mouse combo, but either keyboard OR mouse will work.
Keyboard: Cmd X (cut), Cmd V (paste).
Mouse: double click (for a word), triple click (for a paragraph), or click and drag (for any contiguous selection of text) then click again (don’t release) on the selected text and drag to move.

These seem too simple, so I wonder if I’m missing something in your request?

On both of my Macs, the simple “click drag” (highlighting a sentence or section and dragging it to the other pane) results in two copies of the content. Therefore COPY and paste. Perhaps there’s a setting that needs to be changed in preferences, or something.

Just noticed that if I am NOT in a split editor, a simple drag is a MOVE, not a “copy and paste.” However if I am in a split editor, looking at two views of the same document, a simple click drag is a “Copy and Paste”, resulting in two copies of the same chunk of text. I would classify this as a bug. Or perhaps there’s a way to change the behavior??