Clickable, Comment-able, Navigable Link Between Two Text Strings?

Is there a way to create a clickable navigable link between one text string (or insertion point), and another text string (or insertion point), within the same or between two documents?

Could be a two-way or one-way link?

Thanks, Randall

Have a look at this howto on establishing direct links, which covers a number of tactics. What will probably be of most interest to you is the section named, Marking and Navigating to Any Text Precisely, which is the method that I use most often. It is by nature a two-way linkage between points.

I know that similar requests have been made down the years, but I’ve recently noticed that Devonthink has a (new?) feature whereby an item link can be created to a specific paragraph within a RTF document - it allows for a little more granularity in linking, and I’ve been using it extensively in both Scrivener (to link into DT) and Devonthink for internal linking. Is paragraph-level linking something that might be introduced to Scrivener?

The obvious workaround that I see is simply to create a separate document with the relevant text and link to that, but it would be nice to have the alternative option if easily implemented.

I’ve merged this with a recent posting on the same concept, @Kinsey. Check the link above for more techniques!

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Thanks @AmberV, will check them out

Lots of reading in that post :open_mouth: :grinning:

Thanks for sharing, will take the time to go through it properly over the weekend.

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Hi! I have a text in my project with definitions of terms. I would like to link to a specific term in that file from another text in my project.

Is there a way to do this? I don’t want to link to the definition text in general, just to a part of it.