Clicking in Styles Panel doesn't change style of cursor position

In a paragraph, opening the Styles Panel shows the correct style for that paragraph but clicking right then in another paragraph of a different style doesn’t change the active (shaded) style in the Styles Panel – but the correct style appears in the toolbar Style field.

When closing and re-opening the Styles Panel, then the correct (different) style is shown (shaded)

Hi @michelo !

This is strange. I tried to reproduce this behavior, but failed. In my installation and project the style panel is correctly being updated when I click in another paragraph. Let’s find out what exactly your situation is: Are you clicking paragraphs that have paragraph styles applied to it or character sequences with character styles?

I only have paragraph styles in the text being edited.

(I could send a screen capture image or video but I can’t post here media nor URLs (probably because I’m a brand new forum member – since this morning)

I’ve just installed the same Scrivener program and project on another PC with same Windows 7 (64 bits) but no utilities, and the problem happens on it too.

I am on Windows 10 which might make the difference. Scrivener V 3.0.1.

After you are a couple of days on the forum you will be able to post a screen shot. But I think you have described the behavior precisely enough. Perhaps some other user still running on Windows 7 can verify this behavior.

Windows 7 users, please help!

I am having the same or similar problems.
I see in the beta release notes from 2017 the bug “Styles panel does not reliably highlight currently used styles under cursor [4344]”. Sorry to report it has not been fixed!