Clicking "include sub-documents" in statistics cra

I dont know if it is something I am doing wrong, but everytime I click the check mark “include sub-documents” in the project statistics window it crashes the program. It happens everytime, but only in one certain project. It is using the 1.02 build that was just released today.
I dont know if its something with my computer or not, but let me know if you want me to send you the crash text that came up after. Actually, I will just email it to you. Thanks!

Damn, that is the most depressingly quick bug report ever. I only released 1.02 ten minutes ago. Please do e-mail the crash report, and maybe the project, too. I have tested this and cannot reproduce.

haha, yeah I just opened scrivener and it said an update was ready. I installed it and then just played around with it when that occured. I emailed you the report. Let me know if you want the document. Thanks again!

Yes please, I really need the project. The crash report shows me where the bug is happening, but it’s a big chunk of code so I’ll be stabbing in the dark without a project that causes the crash.