Clicking on a chapter doesn't show it in edit pane


I am a happy (and paying) Scrivener customer and I’m sure there’s an option for what I’m looking for, but I couldn’t find it:

#1: I want to make sure that I can see all the documents forming of a chapter in the edit pane when it click on the chapter folder. But I have to manually select all the documents to show up as a consecutive text. Shouldn’t this happen automatically (see attachment on current behaviour)? If not, how can I switch on this behaviour?

#2: I want the document pane on the left (I don’t know the correct English term as I use Scrivener on a Mac set to German) to automatically select the document which I edit in the edit pane. Right now the left pane doesn’t update when I move to a different document in the edit pane.

Thanks for any help and keep up the great work!


#1. You can toggle Scrivenings mode (i.e. see all the sub-documents) on and off with cmd-1.

#2. Not sure, sorry. It works for me if I use the shortcuts cmd-opt-up and cmd-opt-down, but not when move back and forth through the document history (cmd-[ and cmd-]). That might be intended behaviour. In any case, you can always make the left hand list (the ‘binder’) reflect the current document in the editor by cmd-opt-R (View > Reveal in Binder).


#1. You can establish your preference about what you want to see by deafult when you click on a folder – whether it be the corkboard, the outline view, or scrivenings view.

Section 5.2.1 (The Group Mode Toolbar Control) of the Manual is explaining how to do this. Basically, you just use the toolbar control for setting the mode on a selected folder. Then as you click around in that project, whenever you hit a folder, you will get the view that you specified.

#2. Scrivener does not work that way (if you search the forums you will find explained various reasons for this). However, you can get what you want on demand – there is a Reveal in Binder command which does what you want. It is on the View menu (opt-cmd-R in my installation) and is also a click away at the header portion immediately above the Editor pane (item 1 on the pop-up menu you get if you click on the doc icon next to the title of the doc.)

Thank you both! #1 really helped; #2: I don’t know why “Scrivener doesn’t work this way”, I’ll look it up.


Might also help… … ings-mode/