clicking on binder title in "edit scrivenings" mode

When in “edit scrivenings” mode, when I click on a title in the binder, why doesnt the right side “edit scrivenings” view scroll up/down to that entry?

Just wondering. I was sort of expecting it to scroll like that, was surprised when it didnt. I figured it would have been a handy way to move about the document that way.

When you’re in ‘edit scrivenings’, find the title of the current document in the bar above your text. Click on the rectangular icon next to the title. You’ll see a menu that includes the choice ‘lock in place’. When you click on that, the title bar will change color. Now go to the binder and click on the document you want to move to. Your ‘edit scivenings’ will be preserved as you move about.

hi - what i meant was:
-suppose you’re in edit scrivenings mode. on the right side you see a long text, with all your entries ‘combined’, with the alternating entries having a “shaded” background.
-now suppose while you’re writing in that mode, you decide to work on a different section of the text. To quickly jump there, you click on its title in the binder window.

Thats when I’m saying that perhaps some ‘expected’ behaviour doesnt occur?

I’d expect (or want, for the wishlist :slight_smile: ) the following behaviour at that time:
-you click on the title of the different section in the binder
-the ‘edit scrivenings’ view ‘jumps’ to that entry – but remains in edit scrivenings view.

Instead, the following happens: (assuming ‘lock in place’ isnt selected):
-edit scrivenings view closes.
-you are returned to normal view.
-the content window then displays the content of the entry you selected in the binder - but now by itself, not in the contextualized view that ‘edit scrivenings’ mode provides.


So you’d like the ‘lock in place’ behavior to be the default behavior? With maybe an option in preferences to turn that off?

well I think i’m suggesting behaviour that is slightly different from ‘lock in place’ behaviour. As I understand it, right now anyway, when you apply ‘lock in place’ and then click on a title in the binder, the ‘edit scrivenings’ mode closes. What you see on the right side is not the edit scrivenings display. What you see is the “normal” display where only the content of the one title you clicked on, appears. The ‘edit scrivenings’ view, with its ‘combined text’, vanishes.

So I guess what i’m suggesting is: while in edit scrivenings mode, if you click on title in binder, edit scrivenings mode does not close/end/vanish; rather, the right side ‘remains’ in edit scrivenings mode, and jumps within_that_mode to the entry that you selected in the binder.

When you apply ‘lock in place’ to ‘edit scrivenings’, you can click on the binder titles to go where you want, and ‘Edit Scrivenings’ doesn’t close. It closes if you don’t ‘lock in place’.

hmmmm. Ok, let me try this again, maybe I was doing something wrong. I’ll be at my mac later this evening, will update. Thanks.

Make sure you have the locked split active (header will be underlined) when you click in the Binder. This should be working for you.

hi guys, you’re absolutely right, it did work when I tried it again. Sorry about that :slight_smile: You can delete this thread if you like :slight_smile:
Thanks much for the prompt and friendly help :slight_smile:

Nah, we don’t delete unless you get fairly unruly. Threads like this help other users with the same questions that you had. :slight_smile: