Clicking on Manuscript Showed Nothing

I often click on the Manuscript folder at the top of the binder to enter Scrivenings mode, with all the documents shown.

Today when I did it, it only displayed something like “Draft folder” in the editor window. After clicking around, I finally got it to work properly.

Can you tell me what went wrong so that I can avoid it in the future?

In addition to the three group view modes–Scrivenings (multiple documents’ text), corkboard, and outliner–containers also have a fourth view mode, essentially turning off all the group views and displaying the container’s own text, rather than showing its subitems. Think of it like viewing the text you wrote directly on the folder, instead of viewing the text of the documents inside.

Scrivener always loads folders with the last group view mode used, so you could have intentionally switched to this view for a different folder or document group to view the container text, and then when switching to Draft that same view was used again. The Draft, Research, and Trash folders are special, however, and cannot contain their own text, so where it would normally load the container text it just displays the folder name in the editor.

You can use the view mode buttons in the main toolbar or the mode options at the top of the View menu to switch to one of the other group views.

Got it. That’s what happened.

Realize that part of the problem is that you have four view modes, but only three buttons in the Group Mode Toolbar. I suggest you have four buttons, one for each mode.