Clip and grab URL

Is there a way to grab the url of a clipping and insert the URL into the reference meta data?

For instance if I grab some text from wikipedia on treatment for bubonic plague I also want to know the source of the information for future reference.

At the moment it appears to me that you have to make two clips, one of the text and then a separate clip of the URL.

No, Scrivener’s clipping service just takes text from the current app and dumps it, like a copy paste; it has no idea of a URL (or other source path). You can copy and paste the URL manually into the text clipping or its document notes or synopsis; you could also copy the URL and use that as the clipping’s title when you create the clipping–i.e. step one, select the text; step two, select Make Clipping; step three, copy the URL; step four, paste the URL into the title field of the new clipping and click OK to create it in Scrivener.

You could try instead importing the webpages directly to Scrivener, via drag and drop or the Import menu; that would include the page’s address automatically. Likewise adding the page as a document or project reference, which is then still viewable in Scrivener (though dynamic rather than an archived page).

Thx for your response.

I’ll add it to the wish list.

It’s already been brought up, but there’s not really a way to do it.

Ah, thx.

I just posted on the wish list.

If you look at Devonthink it will do exactly what I described.

Of course its possible that the architecture of Scrivener would prevent it but in theory it’s certainly doable.