Clipboard Capture Keynote NF

I was testing Scrivener for Windows and is it a nice software but I thing that it will be much better if you implement the most excellent feature that Keynote NF has: The TEXT clipboard capture. You only need to click on one node, then push a button and go to internet, Word or any program: Then select any text and copy it (CTRL +C) to clipboard. Each time that you copy something, a new subnode is created with that text, and a sound confirm that it was made ok.

You can download Keynote NF freely here: … ease-1.7.8

Please add this to the wish list and let me know if you wish to implement this in the near future.

Thank you!

Would it be possible to describe or demonstrate what you mean a little further? I am entirely unfamiliar with the software, so I don’t know what it means to Ctrl-C and get a subnode with a sound—I saw nothing like that myself but I just ran it, click on some text in the editor and pressed Ctrl-C. Also what does it mean that you can click on a node and push a button to go to a browser, etc.? Wouldn’t that be something Cmd-Tab does, to switch between programs?

Hi. in Windows you can use Control key and “C” for copy to the clipboard. You could use rigt click and “Copy” too.

Please download keynote, and follow:

  1. Create a new file in File - New.
  2. Active the clipboard capture using: Note - Clipboard capture (or use the button behind de 100% zoom)
  3. Go to another window and copy any text. Each time that you copy new text, in the background Keynote will create new note on the tree. A sound will tell you that keynote copy the text sucsessfully.

Interesting, thanks. I’ll take a look at that when I’m next around a PC. I didn’t realise you had to enable a special option, but that surely makes sense.

As an aside, I’ve always used a clipboard utility for this sort of thing. I’m not familiar with the options for Windows, but on a Mac I have a program that saves all of the things I copy for about a week before discarding them. Such tools usually make it easy to turn these snippets into files or otherwise work with them in bulk. It’s nice to have that capability around in general, I’d be lost with a computer that only saved one clipboard at a time, these days. :slight_smile:

Hi. I´ve been waiting this enhancement for almost three years. Could you, please, incorporate a “Clipboard capture” button which, when it is activated, it allow create “New Texts” (nodes) only copying the selected text from whatever other program, without the necessity of returning back to Scrivener’s window? This feature saves a lot of time because you don´t need to change windows to create a new text. You can focus on every thing that you need to capture quickly, and after all, you can organize them. The captured text would be pasted directly into the comment box in RTF format. A sound notify that a new text node has been created. The title of this task could be generated automatically capturing the actual date or the first words of the comment.

“One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words”. Please watch this short video that I uploaded for explain you briefly and more easily this Suggestion in action:

Thank you!

I just bought the Windows versión. Please,if it’s possible, consider adding this feature to Scrivener 3.0. Thank you!

What you are describing is very similar to how Services work on a Mac. If you check System Preferences: Keyboard: Shortcuts: Services, you should find a group of Scrivener utilities under the “Text” category. You can enable these to add them to contextual menus in other software, when selecting text. You can also assign global keyboard shortcuts so you don’t have to use the contextual menu.

As for Windows, there isn’t an infrastructure for this kind of cooperation between software. However since it is something that is a feature provided by the Mac version, we do already have it on the list to look into when there is time—probably as some kind of task tray type thing like OneNote has.

Ok. Thank you. Please tell to the Windows’ developers that download Keynote NF, the open source software that I used in the video in order to show how “Clipboard capture” works. I recommend it a lot. It saves a lot of time to the users. If you include it I am sure that a lot of Keynote NF’s users will migrate to Scrivener like I did.

Thank you!

Good idea, I’ll add a link to that software in the notes. Can’t promise anything again, but I do agree it would be nice to more easily clip things.

And thanks for supporting the software by the way!

You’re welcome! Thanks to all of you for your hard work and for provide a good tool for our work.

Please consider include this option to the software. It is very necessary. After two years I have to use Keynote Newfeatures software yet to work even though I have Scrivener installed.

The video is unavailable.

Windows 10 includes a built-in Clipboard History that works with Scrivener (and any other app)–you should be able to launch it with the Windows+V shortcut, or search for “Clipboard Settings” in the Windows settings. Scrivener’s Scratch Pad (available from the Window menu) might also serve here–it’s a little notepad-type window you can float over other apps for easily typing or pasting notes while working; from there you can copy and paste anywhere into Scrivener or use the “Send to Project” option in the Scratch Pad. This lets you import the notes as a new document or append notes to an existing document, which sounds similar to the way you’ve described using the clipboard capture feature of Keynote NF.

I think the same as you, I did pretty well

Thank you for the information about the built-in Clipboard History in Windows 10, but thats not the same. Really not. I have to press WINDOWS + V for each quote that I want to past in scrivener, and then take time to split it manually in several nodes. It’s too much work. When you are researching information you can capture everything easily with Keynote NT Freeware. It is one of the best software that I used for organize my information before. You can capture quickly and organize the ideas in only seconds, if you have to make a quick recopilation from external source and make a quick presentation it’s very useful.

But I see that Scrivener is very nice as well, but I miss this featuire and I have to use both programs yet. I would like to forget Keynote. Let me show you how it works in this small video.

I would be very grateful if this request that I made in 2016 can be implemmented. I bought Scrivener with this hope in mind.

You should buy software based on what they can do, not based on what you want them to do.