Clipboard & Corkboard Questions

Want to say up front how great Scrivener is. I’ve just begun using it and already am light years ahead in my editing.
Two questions: First, does Scrivener have a clipboard for multiple entries? I’m labeling files with either Scene or Sequel and can only paste one or the other at a time. Would be a great time-saver if a more versatile clipboard exists. If so, where is it?
Second, does Scrivener have the ability to display all notecards on multiple corkboards? I’d love to view an entire book in terms of scenes and sequels so I can check my pacing. There’s probably a way to do this but danged if I can find it.
Thanks for this super program. Looking forward to the new release tomorrow.

Re: the corkboard, you should be able to right click in the binder and choose Open>With all subdocuments, although this doesn’t seem to work yet (I can’t get it to; didn’t check the current bug list so I don’t know about scheduled implementation). Meanwhile you can just select all the documents in the binder and view them on the corkboard. Is that what you’re talking about?

That’s it! Should have thought of it. Many thanks.