Clipping via Services - small tweak?

I find I am using the Append Selection service a lot. Very handy, and better (I think) than creating a whole swathe of new clippings all called Clipping [9 Feb 2007, 13:08] or whatever.

Append Selection already looks like it puts a between clippings, so it’s already brighter than a lot of apps in this, as in every other, respect.

However, a preference “Separate appended clippings with…” might be nice. I would choose the standard hashmark; others might choose the “—” string; it would easily demarcate clippings, and generally be handy.

Alternatively, maybe it’s one of those things we can hack for ourselves?

This isn’t something you can hack, I’m afraid. Not a bad idea, though… Although it will be low priority, so I can’t promise something like this will make it in any time soon.