Clippings Created in Inactive Project

I’ve been fooling around with the clippings feature (loving it!) and have run across a bug I didn’t find mentioned on the forum. If I have multiple Scrivener projects open, the service doesn’t create or append the clipping to the active project but to the project that’s been open longest. If that project closes, it begins creating the clippings in the next longest-open project, etc.

To reproduce:

  1. Open a Scrivener project.
  2. Open a different Scrivener project.
  3. Focus on the second project.
  4. Select some text from another application and choose Services>Make New Clipping.

I expect the clipping to appear in the second, active project, but it always goes to the first. I get this regardless of which Scrivener windows are open and where I select the text for the clipping (Firefox, TextEdit). I’m running 10.6.3.