Clippings group cannot be effectively moved.

I would like to place my Clippings group within the Research group, but have found that whenever I create a new clipping, it creates a new instance of the group at the top level again. It would be nice if future clippings went to the preferred location.

And here I was thinking that people would just be happy to have clippings. :frowning:

Here’s the thing: new clippings could be created at the selection, like in Mori. But in that case, you would have to check the selection before creating a clipping, which isn’t ideal if you come across something while, say, surfing the net and you haven’t got Scrivener open. You just want to grab the clipping without setting up Scrivener.

The other solution would be to have a clippings folder, where all clippings would be placed, and then you could put that clippings folder where you want. In this case, though, the clippings folder would need a unique internal ID and you wouldn’t be able to delete it. This produces more clutter.

So, the solution I decided upon, after some thought, was to create a clippings folder in the root whenever a clipping is added. After all, presumably you are going to want to reorganise these clippings anyway, so it shouldn’t matter too much if their initial position is arbitrary. You can then drag them where you want when you come to work in Scrivener and get rid of the clippings folder if you so wish. So, yes, if you move the clippings folder, it will get recreated in the root. This is because the clippings folder is created on the fly and there is thus no consistent internal ID for Scrivener to look for.

I could add a preference for the user to decide where to place the folder, but in that case, what if they place the folder inside a folder that gets deleted? Next time Scrivener comes to create the folder, the expected location doesn’t exist and it has to get dumped elsewhere anyway.

The reason the reason doesn’t get placed inside the Research folder by default anyway is that I figured that if the Research folder is closed, when the user comes to look for their clippings, they might wonder where they are. A single folder in the root makes it clear where everything is.

So, as you can see, I did think about this. :slight_smile: I take it you are playing with clippings at the moment. :slight_smile:


Oh, make no mistake, when I tried clippings and saw a neat little datestamped entry made, I was quite thrilled! This is something that will come in quite useful for some situations.

You are right, it isn’t a big thing. Having them pop up at the root level is okay. I did wonder, what if this unique ID folder idea could be placed anywhere, but only became visible when it had contents? Then you reduce clutter. It disappears when the last clipping is sorted.

Yes, playing with services. I “clipped” a 1.5 megabyte RTF and it seemed quite happy to do that. :slight_smile:

I’ll review it post-1.0 (and post-my-own-writing); until then I quite like the current behaviour. :slight_smile: