Clone Case in Replace

Hi Keith,

I would like if very much, if a Clone Case option could be added to all Replace functions.

An example of use: when a character enters for the first time in a movie synopsis or scenario, it is common to write it in all caps (“KEITH sits down at his laptop for adding a request by PAOLO”). When he appears a second time, the name is written in normal caps (“So, Paolo smiles at Keith implementing the requested feature”).

In case you must change a character’s name, and you don’t have the Clone Case option, a replace operation must be accomplished twice: first for the all caps name, and then for the other occurrencies. otherwise, you will end up with the all caps names unchanged, or replaced by normally written names (Keith instead of KEITH).

Best regards,

I’m afraid that would actually be quite tricky and slow things down considerably. The best thing to do would be to just do the Project Replace, then do a Project Search for the name and capitalise the first occurrence.