Close and exit options[NOTED]

Scrivener is a great program, and I can’t wait till it is up for sale and running smoothly. Meanwhile, everyone has different bugs that drive them a little crazy. Mine aren’t biggies, but these are the two that are driving me a little batty. :slight_smile:

First, the corkboard font size that can’t be changed, but it’s on the list of bugs.

The second one is confusing to me. Why have three options, (close project, close all, and exit), when they all do the same thing? I tend to only have one project up at a time, so when I hit close project I expect it to go to the start screen in case I want to open up another project. Close all would work if you have several projects open, but still might want to start a new one. If I didn’t want to do this I would hit exit to leave the entire program. Isn’t that the way most windows programs are made? I have gone to edit - options - general - show start panel when no projects are open and tried to select it, but my selection disappears as soon as I hit ok or apply. If it was set up in the normal way, we wouldn’t need to select that option anyway because you would just hit exit as usual to exit the entire program. Is there some reason it is set up this way?

This is addressed here: :slight_smile: In short, it’s part bug and part hang-over from Mac GUI

Thanks for reporting these.

The corkboard font size that can’t be changed will be fixed in the next release due in a week.

The second issue is as VJC points out. Scrivener can have multiple projects open at once, so you may wish to just close the project you’re working on and not others. There was also an issue where by Windows users expected Scrivener to close when the red cross icon was clicked in a Window - which should just close the project opened in that Window and not Scrivener. This confused a lot of people so we added an option in the General options tab to give users a choice as to their expected behavior.

Thanks for the replies. I still have an unanswered question though. Like I said, I did try checking “show start panel when no projects are open” and now I understand that it is not working right now. But, when that option is working in the future, will the three choices under FILE have different results or will they all end up going to the start panel if I have selected that option? If I hit “EXIT” under FILE I would not expect to be left with the start panel. Do you see what I mean? I am not talking about the red x. I am concerned with close project, close all, and exit.

I’d guess that “close project” closes the current project, “close all” closes all open projects & leaves the start panel & Exit totally closes the program.
That’s would be the only reason to have all three menu items anyway.

Lol VJC.

This is pretty much what I said in my first post.

I’m really trying to be clear in what I am saying but I seem to be failing miserably.

I will try one last time.

Under File:

  1. I opened up two projects. I hit close project. It closed the project. Great! But, if I only have one project open, it closes Scrivener. No start screen. It should have a start screen.

  2. I hit close all. It closes all. Great! But, I expect to see the start up screen because I didn’t want to exit Scrivener. There is no start screen.

  3. I hit exit. It exits Scrivener. Great! This is the only time I would expect it to have no start screen.

Lee, I understand about multiple projects as I hope you can see from what I’ve been trying to say in each of my posts. If you look at 1-3 above, am I way off base as to what these three buttons should do? This is what I have come to expect from any other windows program. And, If I click the option in the general options tab (when it is working again) will that only affect the exit option, or all three (close project, close all and exit.) Do you understand that I am saying that the only time I expect Scrivener to close entirely is when I hit exit?

The problem is that there is a bug that means the option “Show start panel when there are no projects open” doesn’t save when you tick it (though I believe that’s fixed in 1.6).
On reflection, IMO it should probably be default ticked instead of default un-ticked like at the moment. Also, when it is un-ticked you don’t need all three menu items so “close all” should probably get hidden or greyed out if the option is de-selected.

I agree with you, here. Default ticked would be more normal. I pm’d Lee and he gave me the answer I was looking for. He says that it will work like I ennumerated in 1-3. I think what confused me was the wording of “show start panel when no projects are open” which made me think it might show the start panel when you selected exit as well. Kind of all or nothing. But it won’t. It only applies to close project and close all. :smiley: