close Layouts window with escape


Small bug: If I press Cmd-Shift-) on Mac os x I get the Layouts window which apparently you cannot close by a simple Esc. Can you add that possibility? I press by error that combination a lot, and I would like to dismiss the windows without having to point with the mouse.


You can hit Cmd-W to get rid of it. Escape is captured by the table view and triggers editing there.

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Can you also tell me how can I assign a keyboard shortcut on Mac to the Documents/Move action?
In System Preferences/Keyboard I tried to simply add the shortcut ‘Move’ to Cmd-Shift-M as illustrated by the screenshot but the shortcut simply does not seem to work.
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 18.55.34.png

You can’t. The mac os menu system seems only to be able to short-cut what I’d call the “leaves” of the menu tree. “Move” is just part of the branch that leads to the up/down/left/right menu items, as well as the To->[list of folders in your project] menus. You have to assign the shortcut to something that actually makes Scrivener do something in some context; the Move menu item doesn’t do that.

Great. I really think you should have a search widget in Scrivener. I just lost a message explaining why, so I’m not going to write it again. Hire me to do that.

What do you mean by a search widget? There’s already the Project Search for finding items in the project, Ctrl-Opt-F, and search in the Help menu if you’re looking for commands, Cmd-Shift-/.

I mean that searching through files and hierarchies is really a very widespread usecase in Scrivener.

For example, at this moment I find myself having to arrange files in folders so I have to right-click (as there is no keyboard shortcut possible), press Move and then navigate through the never-ending hierarchy of folders, although almost everytime I know from the start the name of the folder where I want to put it.

So the idea is the same, even for this it would be better and preferable to have, next to the possibility of navigating through the tree of folders, the possibility to search for it by tapping a few letters, maybe with frequently chosen folders coming first. Search. The need for it is ubiquous, not only for the explicit usecase of searching for something within the project but anytime really you select a resource.

Another example would be the selection of working files. If I want to go back to a file I was editing earlier, I need to right click on the left arrow and select it from the history. Search in history, triggered by a keyboard shortcut would be much easier.