Close Project / Close All Projects

The behaviour I expected ( using the latest beta ) when I close project or close all projects, was for the program to remain open, but with nothing in the binder, just the user interface showing with a bunch of stuff greyed out that wouldn’t work unless you have a project open ( or something like that ).
What actually happens is the entire application shuts down, and when I reopen it, my last project is automatically opened.
Is this known behaviour, a known bug, a preference setting, or is it something yet to be changed?

Moved to beta forum. – Katherine

Yes, to both the things you mention.
Default behavior is to shut down, I think, when you close the last project. This can be changed in File - Options (F12) - General (which is the default screen you should see immediately) - Startup (same thing).
2 options there:

  • Show template chooser when there are no projects open, and
  • Reopen projects that were open on quit.

So if you close the last project, and the “Show template chooser” checkbox isn’t checked, Scrivener has nothing to do and shuts down.
If you have that other box checked (which is the default, I believe), it will show on open the last project that was open when you quit. Else, it will show you the “show template chooser” on startup. It’s also the place you choose existing projects to work on.

Hope that helps.