Close Project/Exit Redundacies?

Curious if this is a bug or working as intended.

I’ve noticed that if you have one project open, then Close Project (or Close All) is the same as Exit. If you have multiple projects up, then Close All is the same as Exit. Is there supposed to be a difference between Close Project/All and Exit?

Apps like MS Word have both because Close takes you to a blank screen where you can easily start a new document, but here Close Project is sometimes redundant with Exit and Close All is always redundant - which to me implies something either isn’t working as intended or something has been overlooked.


This is working as intended. In MS Word and similar programs, as you point out, you’re able to close an internal window and have the container frame still present, but in Scrivener there isn’t any such frame to keep open, and it wouldn’t make any sense to have one since there’s no such thing as a temporary new document the way Word has where you start with a blank untitled document and work in it and then save. Scrivener needs you to create a new project and save it somewhere first so it can create all the files necessary and build the project as you work. That’s what the start panel does, and if you go into Edit>Options under the General tab you can tick a box to have the start panel always show if no projects are open–thus closing your last project window won’t close the program but will bring up the start panel. That used to be the default, but then a lot of users argued it wasn’t Windows-like, so it got switched. :slight_smile: