Close Project Functionality

I’m calling this a bug because it doesn’t work like it seems it should. I know there was discussion about this way back in November, but here goes anyway.

I have a project open. I click File–Close Project, and Scrivener closes. Fair enough. But when I click on the Scrivener icon to open the program, the same project opens up. This doesn’t seem right, as I just closed the project. Here’s how it should work from my life-long Windows-user perspective.

You close a project, but it shouldn’t close the program. Think of MS Word, where you close the document, it leaves the menu bar up top for you to open or create a new file. Scriv should work the same. And then, if you do close a project, and then close Scriv, when you start the program, it should give you the create new/open project screen, since the program is starting but you have no open project.

It’s frustrating to have a project open, be done working on it and want to start something new, close the project, only to have the program close too. Then when I restart it, there is the project again. So I open a new project, go back and close the first project, then work on the second. The solution above would fix this and work like Word and other programs do.

That’s my $0.02. Thanks!

You can change this behavior in Options.

Options -> Edit -> General -> Untick “Open recent projects on launch” and tick “Show start panel when there are no projects open”

Thanks! And grrr to me for not seeing this, forgetting about it, or whatever. Sigh. That’ll teach me.