close project without saving changes?

say, I’ve made changes to my project and messed it all up. What’s the best way to abandon those changes?

I’ve tried using ‘close project’ without using the ‘save project’ first but it still seems to save changes, so does clicking on the Close windows X in top right.

How can I abandon all changes made in current session?

Scrivener saves changes automatically. To revert your latest session changes it is best to use a previously created backup. Scrivener creates them automatically for you upon closing the project. Check the Files > Options > Backup for more options and backup paths.

OK - thanks for that :slight_smile:

I wonder why they put a ‘save’ option in the menu.

Because you can turn off auto-saving, use a very long interval for auto-saving and use automatic backup on manual saving, I.e. when using File > Save.
Hope it makes more sense now. :slight_smile:

Also if we didn’t have a “Save” command somewhere, it would be nothing but feature requests to add it back in. :slight_smile:

But functionally speaking, the Save command becomes more useful when enabling a couple of different options:

  • Back up with each manual save, in the Backup settings tab. Now you can create a full backup easily, whenever you feel the urge to “save”. I recommend tuning the Retain backup files setting if you intend to use that a lot. I take about three or four backups per day when I am spending a lot of time in a project. I’d blow through the whole history in a couple of days like that. I set mine to 25—disk space is cheap.
  • Not implemented yet, but in the General: Saving settings tab, there will be a setting to Take snapshots of changed text documents on manual save. So not only can you image the entire project to a full backup, each individual binder item that has been edited since the last save will automatically have a snapshot take of it in its current state. Thus saving creates a version record of each binder item as you go.

That all sounds pretty good, but…

I still wanna ejector-seat button

:mrgreen: :laughing:

We’ve all been there. :laughing:

Maybe try out the backup option that backs up when you open the project, instead of (or in addition to) the default backup on close behaviour. With a backup taken before you start, if you decide the whole session is worthless, you can delete the project and extract the morning backup as a replacement.