Closing a Project

I can’t figure out how to close my current project without completely closing Scrivener? When I click on “close project” under the File menu, it closes Scrivener completely when sometimes I just want to switch to another project. Also, I don’t want Scrivener to automatically open up the last project I worked on because I use Dropbox to sync my files across my different machines and I think it might get confusing. So I’d rather be asked upon opening Scrivener which project I want to open (or if I want to create a new one).

I did a little bit of searching but it’s hard with the different versions. The few things I found said that ‘close project’ should work but they also talk about a red “X” that should be on the window somewhere and I don’t have that.

Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks so much!


The “red X” is in the upper-right corner of most windows applications, depending on which version of windows you have, and/or what kind of color scheme you have. It’s just the button you use to close a window in any application.

I can’t recall the exact options, but in the non-beta version of Scrivener for windows, it should be somewhere under “Tools->Options->General”, I think. There should be a check box for re-opening projects that were open when Scrivener was closed down, and another option for showing the template chooser window where there are no projects open (or maybe it’s called “startup panel”… Not sure the exact nomenclature.

Without the later option turned on, the normal thing for Windows programs to do when all their windows have been closed is to quit the program, so you have to have that other window appear to keep Scrivener running.

FYI: For Macs, there’s a universal menu at the top of the screen, which changes depending on which application is in the forefront. When you close all of an application’s documents (or projects in Scrivener parlance), that menu remains, to enable a user to open another via the File menu. Windows doesn’t have this menu, separate from the application window, and so cannot stay running without some window being present. This is a fundamental difference in operating systems, and so a difference in how Scrivener works on Windows and Mac OS.

That was so easy! I found the option under Tools to either have or not have the most recent project open at the start. Now I’m going to look through all the rest of the options to see what else I can do. :slight_smile: Thanks so much!

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