Closing a split screen

It would be nice if you could pick which of your two documents stays open when you leave the split screen.

I was thinking that whichever document has the focus, is the one that keeps the square box. The other one gets the x to close the window. That way, you can pick which document you wish to keep, by simply clicking your mouse on it, before clicking the square box.

I have a feeling that having the close box flip icons when you switch focus, might be a little hard on the eyes, so it’s just a thought.

I had issues with how this worked for the longest time, too. It is probably one of the more unintuitive aspects of splits. You just kind of expect the application to preserve whatever it is you are currently work on.

The key thing is to know which split is the primary and which is the secondary. With horizontal, it is the lower split, and with vertical, the left side. This is how it always is, no matter what the circumstances. So if you adopt your workflow around that, it eventually becomes second nature. At least, that is how it got to be for me.

I’ve been wondering why they didn’t simply both have close boxes.

Yep, that would work too, although that would give the impression that you were free to close both splits, when in fact, you can’t.

I guess they could both be close boxes, but when you did close one, the remaining one became an open one.

That’s what i’d expect.


But if you have two close boxes, I think you will lose the ability to toggle between vertical and horizontal split