Closing all Folders

I have a Scrivener project with over 1000 documents (I’m mostly using corkboard mode) and maybe thirty folders. Sometimes when I do a search, the resulting documents are in many of the folders so the folders open to show the documents. However, there doesn’t seem to be a quick way to close all the folders when I’m done with the search. Is there?

Every time I’ve wished for a feature in Scrivener, it’s already been there and I didn’t know about it so I’m hoping it’s true in this case too. Thanks!

Cmd-0 (View>Outline>Collapse All) will collapse everything; if the folders you want to close are all contained within another folder, you could just hold the Option key while clicking on the disclosure arrow for that container document or using the left arrow key to collapse that folder and everthing in it, so opening expanding it again (not holding Option) will have all the subdocuments collapsed.

Without knowing what you’re doing, I’ll also just point out that if the folders were closed to start with, they’ll only open if you switch back to the regular binder (out of the search results) with that document selected. So if you’re selecting all and viewing them on the corkboard and then switching out of the search, that makes sense that all the folders are now open. But if you’re just working on them individually, you could cancel out of the search with only one document loaded in the editor, and only the folder containing that document should be expanded.

Thanks! You answered my question.