Closing Documents

I am going through the tutorial of the Windows version. On the “Welcome to Part Two” document, it says:
“-you can close “Part 1” by clicking on the triangle next to where it says “Part 1” in the binder on the left”

There is no triangle in the binder next to the “Part 1” header in the binder or any other header. In addition, I can’t find any menu item anywhere to close a document, even in the document menu or even on an open document. How do you do this or are all documents opened in a session just permanently kept open?

Hello GER,
What it means is to close Part one folder. The little triangle is here

Clicking on the little triangle closes the Folder that the documents are in. There is no way to close a document other than to click in the binder to show something else in the editor view. The editor view will normally show what is selected in the binder. (There are exceptions as you will discover later in the tutorial).

Thanks, as you can see in the screen shot attached, my outline in the Windows version has +/-.

Closing the folder I could do. Really what I meant was how do remove the documents from the “Show Last Document” arrows that navigate backward and forwards as they continue to show all documents in the order selected, and after awhile it makes using them meaningless without scrolling through a bunch of documents.

If there is no way of doing that, then I will live with it, but closing an open document (or removing it from the scrolling or whatever) seems a pretty basic functionality not to have.

Sorry, wrong screen shot! Here is the right one: ScrivnerMenu.PNG

Neither one of those is a triangle, (a shape with 3 equal sides). I would have thought that the arrows (what I’d call them) were determined by the programming toolkit, not the version of Windows, but I guess that’s what makes for the discrepancy here. The tutorial should be updated to account for this, at least in the new beta.

As for your issue with the document history; the only way I know to remove a document from the history is to erase the history. I’m not sure if the current release has this feature, but if it does, you should be able to look under Navigate->Editor->Clear Document History. Also of note, on the right side of the editor header bar, there are arrows that go up and down the list of selected documents, whereas the history arrows on the left side go by the order you loaded documents into the editor in the past. Maybe give the right set of arrows a try, and see if that’s what you want to use instead.

Thanks. And on updating the Tutorial, the line that says “you can close “Part 1” by clicking on the triangle next to where it says “Part 1” should be removed altogether, as it does not close Part 1, just the outline and nothing else. I presuming anyone on the planet by now knows how to close menu trees by clicking the +/-”.