Closing on startup


I’ve got a problem where Scrivener closes a second or two after starting up - making it unusable at the moment. I open Scrivener, I see my work, it closes itself. I haven’t hit any other keys (I note your looking into copy/paste issues).

I’ve attached recent minidump files.

minidump.rar (122 KB)

Thanks for the crash reports; I’ll pass those on to the developer. Which version of Windows and of Scrivener are you using? The copy/paste problem is a result of Scrivener being blocked by Constant Guard by XFINITY; going into Options there and configuring the blocked program rules to allow Scrivener should fix it. I’d check in your case for that or any other anti-keylogger software you may have installed and ensure that Scrivener is whitelisted. You can also try restarting the computer in Safe Mode and then launching Scrivener–that will help identify if the problem is an incompatibility with other software.