Closing spell check closes scrivener

When doing spell check and file is free of error if click ok, must click multiple times to close box that keeps reappearing . On second time I click to close the spell check complete window either with the OK button or the X in the upper right corner. ALL scrivener projects close???
Any ideas, just started doing this in last week or so, Up to date with Scrivener 3 windows 11 computer.

Thanks. I believe we have this fixed for the next release. There seem to be several factors involved in triggering the crash, so by avoiding the combination of these, you should be able to avoid the crash:

  • multiple open projects
  • Scrivenings loaded in a background project (not the one you’re checking)
  • a single text (not Scrivenings) loaded in the focussed project

Then also the condition that there are no spelling errors in the document you’re checking, but that’s clearly harder to avoid, given the point of spell checking. :slight_smile:

The multiple Spell check complete boxes will still appear, but with any of the above factors missing, Scrivener won’t crash when you’ve completed OK’ing those.

Thank you for the quick reply. I will follow the suggestions. Do you know when the next fix would be out? (Estimate)

I’d keep an eye out toward the end of October, when we put up the NaNoWriMo trial version.

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Thank your suggestions worked without crashing the program with spell check in scrivening mode for a chapter (with scenes) at a time.