Closing Split Windows

Hi Everyone - I’m a huge Scrivener fan and I love this new version. This is a very simple question but one that has frustrated me because I can’t find the simple for. I know how to close the BINDER, how do I close the split windows? And the comments on the far right? Thanks.

Binder. Easy to CLOSE. Just click on the Icon in the toolbar.
Middle Column. Never gets closed.
Optional Third Column. Can’t figure out how to close.
Comments & Footnotes. Can this be closed?


Thanks for the kind words. I really recommend going through the tutorial again (Help > Interactive Tutorial) and/or watching the ten minute introductory video:

The inspector (with the comments in) is closed by hitting the inspector button in the toolbar; the split panes can be closed in various ways, the easiest being to click on the split button in the right-handside of the header bar. Again, if this doesn’t make sense, I definitely recommend refreshing your memory with the tutorial or intro video.

Thanks and all the best,