Closing the Inspector

I just noticed that when I click on the Binder icon in the toolbar the Binder closes down completely. When I click on the Inspector icon it empties the Inspector window but leaves it open.

Is this the way it’s supposed to be?


No, could you post a screenshot of the empty inspector? That sounds like a bug. Also if this happens repeatedly, could you post some console information here?

Finding Console messages:

  1. Click on the desktop background so “Finder” is visible in the main menu
  2. Press Cmd-N to make a new window
  3. Use the Go/Utilities menu item
  4. Double-click on the Console icon

You should see a big window full of error messages from various applications. Make sure the sidebar is visible (click “Log List” if necessary), and make sure DATABASE SEARCHES/Console Messages is selected.

  1. Type “Scrivener” into the toolbar search
  2. Again, scan through any messages looking for stuff around the time of the crash or weird behaviour. Select the rows by clicking on the first, and then holding down Shift, and clicking on the last.
  3. Press Cmd-C to copy the lines and paste them into your e-mail response.

It’s behaving inconsistently. When I returned from trying to figure out how to take screenshot – I know, it’s simple, but I’ve never had occasion to take one – if I clicked on either the Binder or Inspector icon the Binder or Inspector would close and the editor would expand to fill the space previously occupied by the Binder or Inspector.

Previously, the Binder would collapse to the side of the editor and the size of the editor would remain unchanged and whatever was in the Inspector, e.g., comments, would close but the Inspector column, minus the icons at the bottom, would remain in place.

Now, if one of the top headings, e.g., Draft or Research, is selected and you click on the Inspector Icon, the Inspector closes and the editor expands. If a subheading is selected in the Binder and you click on the Inspector icon, the items in the Inspector close but the Inspector, again minus the icons at the bottom, remains open.

I’ll try to get you the Console messages. If you tell me how to take a screenshot and get it into a forum post I’ll get you one of those, too.

To take a screen shot of whole screen, hold down all these 3 keys simultaneously: APPLE+SHIFT+3
It will create a file saved to your Desktop (called Screenshot…etc)

To take some of screen: hold down all these 3 keys simultaneously: APPLE+SHIFT+4
and use the cursor to select a field of interest.

To attach file: Look to bottom of “Post a Reply” editing screen for “Upload Attachment”
If its not there, you need to “Enable BB code by Default” in User Control Panel/Board Prefs/Editing Posts Defaults

You might have to logout/login to get that to kick in


You know, this actually sounds an awful lot like you had either Page View or Fixed Width editor enabled. Here are two examples of what Scrivener looks like with these options on, and the inspector closed:

[size=80]Example of the screen with the Fixed Width Editor option enabled[/size]

This option is located in Preferences:Editor:Wrap to Editor Mode (in the middle). I have darkened the default fixed width background colour a bit, to make it clearer. You might see a much lighter grey.

[size=80]Example of the screen with Page View enabled[/size]

Page View mode generally has larger margins, corresponding to your print settings (usually), and a drop-shadow along the right. To toggle this, use [b]View/Page View/Show|Hide Page View[/b].

Do either of these look familiar? If I had to guess, I’d choose the latter since that is a project specific setting and so will change when you make a new project.

Guess I’ve had Page View enabled. Assumed it was default. In any case, I prefer it to Fixed Width.

This issue of the behavior when the Binder and Inspector are closed is not a critical one. I write in Full Screen Mode and when I’m not writing I have both opened. I guess if Scrivener didn’t have Full Screen Mode I’d want to narrow the window down to page-width size, but as it is I doubt I’d use it.

I can see a printed manual would be very helpful. It’s apparent from the PDF that it’s clearly written and organized. If I had one I’d probably be less of a bother with my newbie questions.

I was concerned early on that Scrivener might have a steep learning curve. There is a lot to learn, but I’ve gotten to a level at which I can be very productive pretty quickly. I’m not wasting a lot of time figuring out how the program works.