Closing the tutorial


I have what must be the dumbest brand-newbie question ever, because even though I searched this forum, I can’t see that anyone has ever asked it.

I just purchased Scrivener after a few hours spent with the interactive tutorial. But really, I’d like to start a project, because I’ll learn better by actually applying the principles in the tutorial to my own work. But I can’t get the tutorial to close in order to start a new project.

Scrivener opens automatically to the tutorial, and when I click Close Project, or even Close All Projects, the entire program closes. I know there’s some idiot thing I’m missing, but I swear, I can’t figure out what it is. Can someone help? TIA!

Hi and welcome!

First, you can create a new project without closing your existing one; just go to File > New Project… to return to the template chooser and start something new.

Second, the default settings are to close the program when the last open project is closed (so e.g. if you did the above and then had the tutorial project open and your new project open, you could close the tutorial and the program would remain open) but you can change this by going to Tools > Options and selecting “Show start panel when there are no projects are open”.

Extra note, in those general Options you can also choose whether to have projects that were open when you quit Scrivener automatically re-open when you start up the program. They do by default, but you may want to switch that off if you frequently go between different projects. In any case, know that this is just a convenience feature–you can always create a new project, or open a different project, via the File menu.

Thank you, MM, that was exactly what I needed. I don’t find Scrivener to be very intuitive, and I never would have thought of that by myself.