So I found the article about One Drive/Windows 8… old technology. (and the article is not working for my windows 10 and 11 machines)

I have scrivener 3 for both MAC and Windows. and want to be able to work with one copy of the file, even when traveling. So, want to be cloud based and was wondering -

How does Scrivener work with new one drive technology and SharePoint technology? Is it safe for storage, are there features in Scrivener files that will not work from a cloud location, does all work have to be done locally then the file is backup on the cloud? All help will be appreciated.

We do not have any extensive data that would suggest it is unsafe, which is about all we can say when it comes to this stuff. It’s a lot more difficult to say something is safe, if you get what I mean. We see problem reports, rather than tens of thousands of people writing in to tell us they’ve never had any problems. :slight_smile:

That said, I have heard it works better if you turn off the “files on demand” (or whatever Microsoft calls it this year) feature. There have been more mixed reports on that aspect. Some say it works fine, others say it’s caused them problems (particularly on the Mac side).


There was definitely a burst of issues when the “files on demand” feature became the default. I agree with Ioa’s suggestion that you disable it.

Our best practices article on cloud services is here: Using Scrivener with Cloud-Sync Services / Cloud Syncing / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

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Thank you for the responses.

So what I’m seeing is the files can be stored in the cloud but the option “always keep on this device” should not be used. and the file that is being worked on should be locally copied with the modified file uploaded when the work is done.

I’ll look into developing different working habits.

My feedback below is only in regards to OneDrive, as I have experience with OneDrive and Scrivener. (Not SharePoint.)

With the assumption that you will have the OneDrive app installed on your desktops and that you’ll disable the “files on demand feature” – your comment above can be read in a couple different ways, one of which being you are thinking you need to keep track of local copies and file modifications and uploads. So here’s a clarification:

The OneDrive app will handle all uploading and downloading of modifications to your projects and applying those modifications to the local copies on your desktops. All you need to do is 1) place the projects in a local folder that’s included in OneDrive’s scope of your desktop device, and 2) always allow the OneDrive app to fully upload and download changes before you open and modify your projects.


Just the opposite. Online only or files on demand is the option that shouldn’t be used.

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SMH - Now I see what you mean. I removed the files on demand (which I thought could be done by clicking "always available) from settings and the files are reporting correctly. Thank you.

The “always keep on this device” option SHOULD be used.