Cloud Scrivening?

Howdy fellow Scriveners:

This may be buried deep somewhere in the list of wishes, and I know it was mentioned on a technical spec post, but since I am making this my first post I thought I’d throw it in:

I would love to see a “cloud” version of Scrivener; I know there have been questions about how to sync the program across Windows computers and I certainly would be willing to pay an additional fee to have both a desktop version and online sync version (in the vein of XMind––would be fabulous).

YES!! This would make Scrivener even more awesome than it already is! I have considered switching to Yarny because I like the idea of writing from any computer, but Yarny doesn’t have a good syncing feature. In the end, writing on my home computer was most important to me, but if I could write in the cloud and sync it to my computer… WOW! That would be the best! This is a service I would pay for, whether it be a one-time fee or a small ongoing fee.

I could also foresee a mobile app that would integrate with this cloud version… where you can type up little tidbits on your mobile device and upload the snippet to the cloud where you can fully develop and organize ideas later from a computer.

Here is a recent request and response. I would also add that we have an article on how best to keep your projects synchronised.